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Project developed by Hernan Ares (Prop Modeling, Rigging & Animation) , Joseph Belanger (Character Modeling & Texturing), and Baldi Konijn (Concepts)
[Lichtengold] saw what happened to his colony and knew his fate. He wouldn’t grow old, nor would he ever have children. He would die sooner rather than later due to his illness. And thus he prayed to every god he could imagine. And still he kept getting sicker. He was sure he wouldn’t survive long now. On a calm and lonely night Gold began praying to the things that dwell underneath the sea to give him the power to overcome this illness.

He woke up the next day feeling like he never felt before. He was alive and felt strong! Maybe it was the rum that was still coarsing through his veins but that didn’t matter no more. Lichtengold knew what he had to do. He had to find the God underneath the seas… Credits to Sjoerd Buikema